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About Us
Who We Are ?

Accessinvestments is a professional company officially registered under the registrar of companies England and Wales of the united kingdom on the 10th of October, 2000. At the advent of cryptocurrency in 2009, the company ventured into sophisticated cryptocurrency trading officially on the 10th of December 2010. Our mission is to offer each investor the optimal solution for multiplying their capital with minimal risk for the investor. Accessinvestments is not affiliated with any other organization and is not associated with any non-included organization.

Our team of professional financial specialists contribute to the efficient and rapid assessment of the current financial market. This gives our professionals the opportunity to achieve significant success, and the company has decided to distribute its product to a wide range of investors. This decision gives meaning to the continuous development of the company, which is steadily to generate profit for the investors. The objective of our investment system is to achieve regular gains for the private investors with minimal risk. The funds are mainly utilized in trading on the cryptocurrency markets. Every transaction conducted by our professionals generate constant profit.

We have combined in a single process, the monitoring of tendencies of rates change, the adaptive analysis of cryptocurrencies liquidity, and a programmed system for speculating commercial deals performing with the pair BTC/BCC. For this purpose, we use the high-speed selective algorithms of high-frequency trading and the smart-program for acceleration of data exchange with various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Each element of our strategy precisely and effectively performs its function by combining a single faultless and upgradable mechanism for achieving maximum profit.
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